We Tied the Knot

Wedding Venue

Our intention was to have a simple city hall wedding.  We started looking in NYC because as our friend's described it, "it's the happiest place on earth" but with the pandemic it was impossible to get an appointment.  While reviewing the documentation on the NYS website, I was particularly intrigued by the specific call out, "Ship captains are not authorized to perform marriage ceremonies in New York State."

When we called to share our plans with our friend (and officiant) Alex, I also shared that bit with him at which point a plan was hatched for a small ceremony on Starbuck.


We embarked from Seawanhaka in Oyster Bay on the morning of October 7th.  We were surrounded by family and small group of friends.  After a brief trip around Lloyd Harbor we found a pleasant spot with no waves and a scenic backdrop.  From there it was straight to the foredeck where Alex performed a beautiful ceremony for us.

Back at the clubhouse, with a stroke of the pen by our officiant and two witnesses, Charlotte and Dashiell, we made it official.

Surprise Reception

After a delicious lunch back at Seawanhaka, we headed to NYC where we were planning to have a low key dinner with a few friends, some who were aware of the morning festivities and others who were not.  You can't imagine our delight and surprise when we arrived at University Club where Rachel and Grad had quietly organized for flowers and a beautiful wedding cake and 20+ club members and friends came out to celebrate our wedding.

Family Brunch

We finished out our two day celebration with a family brunch at the American Hotel in Sag Harbor, NY which was followed by cake in North Haven.

Future Celebration - planned TBD

We are intending to have a larger celebration with friends and family.  Details to follow on that as plans firm up.

you can see all our wedding photos here

The image above links to an iCloud photo album with photos from the celebration.